Work Experience
  • Oct2023 - present
    🧢 Cap
    Founder Fellow: @LaunchClubAutumn24
    • ⚙️ Currently building Cap: An opinionated budgeting app.
  • Feb2022 - 23/03/2023
    🪐 Gravity
    UX Engineer
    • 🛠️ Designed and coded functional components for enterprise software products.
    • 👨🏼‍💻 Worked on product interaction concepts with latest frontend tech: Tailwind, TailwindUI, NextJS and, TypeScript.
    • ⚙️ Built design systems with documentation using Storybook, Confluence and Notion.
    • 🚀 Crafted and launched service websites for clients.
  • Jan2022 - 20/11/2022
    🪐 Gravity
    Lead Designer
    • 🛠️ Designed intuitive design systems, interaction experiments and product concepts using Figma, Storybook, and Framer.
    • ⚙️ Built UX flows and UI systems for consumer apps and enterprise services.
    • 👨🏼‍💻 Worked on innovative stealth-mode product projects for corporate clients across various sectors; telecommunications, home improvement, and finance.
  • Feb2020 - 30/09/2020
    ⚡️ Run
    Creative Technologist
    • 🧑‍💻 Collaborated Māori owned, globally awarded creative & design agency; translating creative concepts into functional prototypes for clients.
    • 💼 Working briefly on indigenous-led branding projects, cultural workshops.
  • Jan2020 - 20/02/2022
    💥 Colenso
    Experience Designer
    • 💥 Crafted design for immersive digital experiences for corporate clients spanning the telecommunications, pet food, and banking.
    • ⚙️ Designed UX flows and UI systems for a globally recognised client in the pet food sector on their consumer app.
    • 🔎 Conducted UX research initiatives on various projects to gather insights and inform design decisions, resulting in tailored solutions to be culturally, socially and technologically sound.
  • Feb2019 - Feb2019
    🇳🇿 Tāura Kaiwhatu / Student Mentor
    Auckland University of Technology
    • 📝 Mentored University Students spanning; product design, digital arts, creative technologies and media, visual arts and fashion design.
  • Jan2018 - 22/11/2022
    🎨 Brand Designer
    Self employed
    • 🛠️ Designed branding from local clients; logo and media asset creation, Identity design and, workshop facilitation.